Others said from us


“It’s an angel! After several days of walking with a cane, it restored me so much that I could throw away my cane and dance. Thanks again Sanka!!!“

Dávid Horotyák – Saalbach, Austria (musician) – 2023


“I was lucky enough to try it at home. Ági Hegedűs showed the technique and is brilliant. It is completely unnecessary to compare it with massages of other durations. For a long time, I worked in offices where only a short break was available to recharge with a massage, and I tried to make the most of those 15 minutes. Its importance should not be underestimated.”

Gergő Sápi – Budapest, Hungary (massage therapist) – 2023

“The most useful thing about the matter was that he not only taught the correct posture, but also explained exactly how and why, which muscles have what function, how they work, etc (together with the presentation of received exercises). When understanding these, there were several Aha! experience, which means a lot, so I was able to better assimilate what I learned.”

Richárd Hornyák – Budapest, Hungary (project manager) – 2023


“After 10 minutes of massage, I feel like I’ve been meditating – my body and mind are thrown into a vacuum and I’m overwhelmed with complete peace and tranquility. And the artistic movements are a special great experience, it’s also wonderful to watch the transformation when you work. I will certainly go to you at every festival. Thanks and gratitude.”

Léna Szilárd – Budapest, Hungary (psychologist) – 2022


“The shoulder muscles are burning (typical guitarist feeling), and after the concert also beheaded the iron gate. My neck is stiff so my only hope and wish is the Rapid Massage. Luckily I arrived in time, and I am inmediately in the seventh heaven by hands of Sanka. He take me apart and then put me back again. At one point I don’t even know where am I anymore, I just float, my body is happy, I relax, I let myself go. I could spend an infinite amount of time this, but this is not forever but rapid, so I became a new person in 10 minutes.”

György Simon – Budakeszi, Hungary (musician) – 2022

“I wanted to ask him what else does with people besides pushing and moving? Only because after that few minutes I felt so good, and I lay with God in the grass for almost an hour for laughing.? And two of my friends also experienced that he restored them energetically and they were replaced.”

Kinga Mészáros – Budapest, Hungary (psychologist, bodywork instructor) – 2022

“Amazing team. Well done at Everness.”

Peter Paul – Rabat, Malta (musician, Tribali) – 2022


“I can only speak from the Rapid Massage in superlatives. Kata and Sanyi were one of the gems of our stand at a testing conference. They provided an incredible performance for two days in the midst of a continuous flow of guest for six (!) hours a day. There were snaking lines at our stand thanks to them as well. In my opinion – and our guests said as well – they are really proffesionals and highly educated specialists. I watched them at work. They work with enthusiasm, focusing on guest, taking individual needs into account, and working cleanly and discreetly. They are flexible, precise, kind and people-oriented. I would like to maintain a working relationship with them in the future. I absolutely recommend them. Thank you again for your work my friends.”

Petra Bozsik – Budapest, Hungary (event organizer, Hustef conference) – 2022


“This training provided a phenomenal experience, with the dynamics with the pulsation. I didn’t think it. There was a lot of practice, lot of real experience, which had a very deep effect on us. Everything vibrates inside us since then. As a martial artist Im used to either not transferring energy, or if I transfer it, all of it transfer. Perhaps the biggest challenge here to me was to find the ballance while working with momentum. Based on their feedback we really sent our subjects to a deep flow experience with this massage in 10-12 minutes. Several people sad they had never had such an experience. Combining a training like this with a festival is someting wonderful. I was thinking its possible that I failed and I enroll again?”

Lajos Kovács – Szeghalom, Hungary (karate master, spine trainer, masseur – Everness DRM basic course) – 2021

“It was fantastic to learn and practice massage in the nature at a festival. it was great to meet all kinds of people while practising. We have learned to adapt to all kinds of people in terms of body shape, attachment and personality. It became a great exercise in our hands. The technique itself was both easy and difficult for me. Picking up the rhythm was no problem. Putting the breathe on it and hitting the strength was challenge. But it turned quite well I feel. It was awesome. “

Ilona Bánki- Szeghalom, Hungary (spine trainer, swedish masseur – Everness DRM basic course) – 2021

“Your help was lifesaver for me after the 8,5 km start, struggling with leg numbness before the next 15 km that awaited me. Thanks you once again.

Viktória Kiss – Budapest, Hungary (runner, UlraBalaton running race) – 2021

“Somewhere in my mind from very far away, all I can feel is that my limbs are moving with the beat of the music. I experience a state of complete relaxation, as my cells fill to a rhythm, as life returns to them, as energy flows back through my body. The difference between the pre- and post-massage state is pretty much as if a war zone had been developed by magician elfs into the most amazing environment in the world… all in 10 minutes. It’s good to be in my body again, it’s good to perceive the outside world again with a smoothed, relaxed mind. Ten minutes and you will be reborn specifically ”

Krisztián Bokor – Budapest, Hungary (photographer, slammer) – 2021

“A few minutes of accurate chiropractic worked wonders for us. Dear Sanka! Thank you for you and your team for tirelessly helping me and my friends for so many years to stay intact souls in the midst of the festival flow! Every time I get up from the massage chair with a fantastic, liberated feeling! I get my strength and so I will be able to attract, give and receive many more good energies and experiences! Nice to meet you and get to know you! I locked you in my heart!

Csaba Kardos – Budapest, Hungary (linguist, festivaler) – 2021


“Luckily for years, the Rapid Massage Service team has been present at almost every festival where I perform. So it has become a common habit for me to sit down at them before a concert. That 10 minutes completely replaces and recharges. It’s good not to put pressure on the muscles, but to move them with momentum, it’s much more effective. So I don’t feel tired after a massage, but full of energy, which is not a disadvantage before a concert. “

Ákos Várnai – Budapest, Hungary (musician) – 2020

“It is always a pleasure to meet the team of rapid masseurs at various festivals and events in Hungary, small or large. After a whole day of fun and performances, coming to them is like a mouthful of bread. I can recommend it to everyone. “

Bence Erdősi-Bóta – Budapest, Hungary (musician) – 2020

“I love rapid massages at festivals. 10 minutes (which I feel like 20) and my soul arrives in a new body where no blocks remain, so energy can flow freely and unhindered from my little finger to my head. Its like a coffee and an energy ball in one. I recommend it to everyone the next day of a partyed night, getting ready for a long-awaited concert / party, or just like that, anytime! “

Dóra BurányiBudapest, Hungary (office worker, festivaler) – 2020


“The day before the start of the races I had a terrible muscle spasm in the lumbar area. I couldn’t even press the clutch pedal in the car! Rapid Massage Service really saved my life. During the days of competitions I got two massages a day: one warm up (before race), and one regenerating (after that); and so I managed to compete for 4 days, and also to win a GOLD MEDAL! I really liked the professionalism and the attitude of the operators; and the friendly atmosphere. Result 5 stars! I hope to meet you again soon.”

Federica Matteoli Torino, Italy (Rowing Masters World Champion – Velence) – 2019

“They are able to not only make massage flow into a beautiful choreography, but with his specialized techniques was able to heal my sore back. Before I met them I have seen Chinese acupuncturists, specialized American neuro kinetic and massage therapists to help me correct a compensation I developed as a rower. It was not until Sanka and his very skilled coworkers worked on me that I felt better all the way around. I am so impressed by him and his team that me and my husband would like to come and visit him in 2020 and take his course and get to know him better. The best is yet to come!”

Anne-Marie Ozaki – Houston, USA (medical massage therapist, corrective exercise specialist, bachelors and Masters degree in teaching)2019

“I got in touch with the guys in connection with the 2019 Rowing Masters World Championships, we were looking for a service provider to supply one of the additional units of the competition. Rapid Massage Service was symphatic from the first time. On the event whoever could, admired this massage technique. Fortunately, I was able to try it, and I will not forget to this day. It was excellent. If you are organizing an event and you want to to delight your guests with a quick, extremely intense massage, then choose them! “

Gergő Buda – Budapest, Hungary (main organizer – Rowing  Masters World Championship, project manager – Sport-Events)2019

“Sanka and the Rapid Massage Service provides an excellent massage service at two conferences I’ve attended. I felt refreshed in body and spirit each time to continue getting the most from each day of learning.”

Carly Anderson – Los Angeles, USA (leadership coach, coaching skills trainer, and mentor coach – ICF Credentialing)2019

“I regularly fall asleep with my neck and back, but after the massage I always get renewed strength, which doesn’t just last that day. So I can confidently say that this technique is capable of redemption in a quarter of an hour!”

József Császi – Budapest, Hungary (informatical enginer – Instructure Hungary)2019

“We regularly massage from Sanyi, the organization and massage is always smooth and reliable. Her massage is varied, always refreshing, never painful. Thanks to her anatomical knowledge, you feel safe in your hands. In a short time you will find sore spots and they require a little extra care. One never gets the same treatment twice and always gets satisfied from the chair. “

Viktor Plézer – Budapest, Hungary (team leader- Instructure Hungary)2019


“During the Integral European Conference Rapid Massage Service was present. When sitting almost the whole time to follow the conference, it was very pleasant. In only 10 minutes of massage my body was totally loose and relaxed, all the tension in my back and neck were gone, and most surprisingly, I felt completely energised afterwards! Normally when getting a massage I get into this flow and don’t get out easily. I just would like to sit and relax afterwards. But with this specific technique, I felt so energetic that I didn’t have a need for a break or whatsoever. I love this massage and went back every day to the conference to get one!”

Katrijn Tack Tubize, Belgium (project manager, transpersonal counseller) – 2018

“There are great possibilities in Dynamic Rapid Massage, I have been using this technique for 5 years in my work. It clearly exceeds among chair and office massages, patients report the passing of tension, free-moving joints and a floating, pleasurable feeling, already in a 8-10 minute session. A service like this is one of the greatest idea to any events. In addition to the office and event framework, it also proves to be extremely effective in preparing / warming up wall climbers. Through dislocations and dynamic grips, massage simultaneously increases the blood supply to the muscles, stretches the joints and also helps to achieve the mental focus needed for climbing. ”

János Gelléri Budakeszi, Hungary (psychologist, masseur, climber) – 2018

“Rapid Massage was a fantastic highlight of our conference. The 600 participants gave the guys a continuous job. We got refreshed, reloaded and relaxed under their hands. I recommend it with a good heart, it is a huge experience !!!”

Örs Horváth Budapest, Hungary (event organizer – Integral European Conference, restaurant owner – Nemo Fish & Chips) – 2018

“For the first time, the Rapid Massage Service team was attracted by light smiles, infinitely kind and sincere looks. I felt I must try their hands. I didn’t regret it, I had a new back! From the first touch I felt how much experience and humility have in that hands, but also so many souls and hearts. So I was renamed Heart Massage on my own! ”

Gábor Ölvedi Budapest, Hungary (musician) – 2018

“I first met Rapid Massage at the festivals health department. In the initial period, I was skeptical about that, I thought it would definitely be worth nothing, it would not be able to live up to the hopes attached to it. To my surprise, this did not happen: it had a very energizing, refreshing effect in all respects (on mental and physical level), so I was very happy to use the services of masseurs on several occasions. I can recommend it to everyone! ”

Veronika OrsósBudapest, Hungary (social worker) – 2018

“I was learning Dynamic Rapid Massage at the 2018 Summer Everness Festival. Sanka (Sándor Nagy) gave us the theoretical foundations and practical tricks in a concise, yet sufficiently thorough, informative and understandable form. The team was super, and the fast-paced, precise, energetic massage movements was also excellent. I didn’t have any professional training or experience in massage before. But based on the feedback from the guests there, we successfully mastered the curriculum. Thank you very much for everything I got with this, I learned about massage and myself. Thank you for all the help, friendship, atmosphere, joyful moments, hours, days. ”

Miklós Csipkay Sopron, Hungary (movement and attitude developer, zumba instructor – Everness, DRM basic course) – 2018

“The massage itself is very well invented, it really throws up whoever performs the technique, in 5-10 minutes the guest gets an impulse, a dose that throws up for a long time, raises his energy level, he can continue his day cheerfully, recharged.

Tünde Orosz – Győr, Hungary (massage therapist, reflexiologist – Everness, DRM basic course) – 2018

“I learned Rapid Massage at the Everness Festival in the summer of 2018 from Sanka, who I consider to be very professional, humanly authentic on the one hand, and learning spiced with humour was an experience. In the fast-paced, good-spirited training, we fully recharged our guests with a quarter-hour massage with extra energy.”

Adrienn Barta – Baja, Hungary (massage therapist – Everness, DRM basic cours) – 2018


“I had one of the most amazing massages. It was very uplifting and I felt so good after the experience. I can highly recommend Sanka, he has healing hands.”

Jaki SmithGozo, Malta (customer service trainer, retreater) – 2017

“I first met this massage at our training camp. What can I say? It was a redemption. It was short, intense, and helped the regeneration to such an extent, that it relaxed me so much, that I felt like a completely different person from it. In the long run, it leads to a huge increase in performance, if we help the regeneration of muscles and joints in this way. I recommend everyone, who plays sports regularly to include it in the program.“

Péter KovácsBudapest, Hungary (kung-fu trainer) – 2017

“I’m happy to be a great event with massaging heroes. The people who wanted to be refreshed came all day. I watched with wonder the work of the Health Center, and the love of the people with admiration. This is an incredible drive. Anyone who does it must be in training properly. I recommend them to heart everywhere! “

Miksa LászlóLadánybene, Hungary (event organizer – Reggae Camp, musician – LB27) – 2017


„We had an excellent week with an excellent team, full of work and good experience. On the first day, I thought maybe there was a problem, that we did not speak the same language, but Sandor is an excellent instructor, and Krisztian helped us very well. The training was very practice-oriented, so speech was not primarily the case. The technique is very professional and purposeful. It energizes you under 10 minutes, as other massages in 30 or even more minutes.”

Hans Martin Drews – Germany (river ship worker – Everness, DRM basic course) – 2016

„I felt myself very good, learned a lot from myself and others. I like that this massage is perfectly straightforward. It moves and refreshes, it does it all in a relatively short time, and at an event this is the point. I’m glad that I applied for the training!”

Hajnalka Bátor Germany (river ship worker, massage therapist – Everness, DRM basic course) – 2016

„The education was very good. We had an excellent instructor, who was always there, watching and helping in everything. Besides it we had a great team as well. In Germany, where I live, I have some practice in wellness massages and reiki. However, this is an entirely different approach to physiotherapy. The feedback from the guests was very helpful in the course. I’m glad, that we can learn this technique.”

Falk Hoppe Lahnstein, Germany (dental techician– Everness, DRM basic course) – 2016

„It was a very good week, a team of completely different people got together, and touched spirit of each other. Moreover I also work as a Swedish masseur, but now I have learned a totally new approach to massage. Very high strength of training is the practical side. It includes everything, everything can be practiced, we helping each other in everything.”

Bálint Pető Karlstad, Sweden (massage therapist, analyst – Everness, DRM basic course) – 2016

„It was a great experience. It was fantastic to learn what this system and its developer have created and delivered to us. I’m so happy to be here!”

Laura Czafikné Bakos – Győr, Hungary (kinesiologist – Everness, DRM basic course) – 2016

„It is a sensible idea for such an education by the organizers. We have gained a practical knowledge, that is difficult to obtain elsewhere for many years of training. Here we were able to practice on different people throughout the week, every day. Such knowledge can not be acquired differently. This has to be done, it can not be learned from books.”

István Latyák – Dabas, Hungary (wrestler, masseur, chiropracteur – Everness, DRM basic course) – 2016

„I perform soft, smoothing massages. Now I was curious that I might be good in a more dynamic, more powerful style, or not. And I was good. Now, after this week I am very tired, but besides it I’m filled up with energy. This is a fast, but more efficient technique. I’m happy that I learnt, and I want to do this as well.”

Mária Réka Tilless – Budapest, Hungary (dance teacher, massage therapist – Everness, DRM basic course) – 2016


“I had a very intensive experience. For me as a businessman time is very important. My experience with the traditional Office Massage is that it takes longer, and the result is less satisfying, than the Rapid Massage. Here from my shoulder to my fingers I’m all crunched, I’m extracted. From the first seconds I feel an extraction, tension and pressure, what I feel even in my fingers, and in the end it will be one great movement, and I really feel the blood running through my veins. It’s wonderful. It’s like a dip in ice water, refreshing in moments. We love to use it and recommend it to all workplaces!”

Péter Csizmadia – Budapest, Hungary (executive director, owner – Global Invest Service Kft) – 2015

„As an event organizer, it feels good to hear that everyone has a great massage. And my experience is the same. I got an energy bomb! Thanks!”

Ádám László – Budapest, Hungary (event organizer– Ubik Eklektik Feszival) – 2015

„I am completely refreshed, I would like to start the day from the beginning. I like the powerful massage and I really liked that my request was met. This type of massage is a great choice for sitting works. Anyway, I hope we’ll meet again!”

Tünde Pongor – Budapest, Hungary (office manager – Union Injurance Company) – 2015

“I’ve never been able to relax under the massages, but now first in my life I managed to succeed. I really liked, that they deal not only with my back, my shoulders, but both of my arms. I was afraid a little bit before the treatment, because some techniques looks like painful from outside view. But it is not true, it is absolutely not painful Very nice!”

Csilla Borbély – Budapest, Hungary (office worker – Union Injurance Company) 2015

„It might looks painful from the outside, but anyway it feels very good. It moves from hand to back to waist, perfect for sitting work. It could be taken once or twice a week.”

Ákos Péter – Budapest, Hungary (office worker – Union Injurance Company) – 2015

“I’ve never had a massage like this before. In other sitting massages they treated only my back and shoulder. But here they also treated my arms, my hand, my fingers, and they crunched me as well. Very good, I would recommend to my acquaintances!”

Gyöngyi Kiss – Budapest, Hungary (customer service assistant- Union Injurance Company) – 2015

“It’s very enjoyable, especially in this job. Before I went in, my neck and shoulders hurt, now I don’t feel that at all. I completely relaxed. Neck and hand massage was my favorite part. Perfect for office work, even if I use it every week! ”

Zsuzsanna Paraszti -Budapest, Hungary (customer service assistant- Union Injurance Company) – 2015

“This is amazing! I felt myself very well. I had been somewhere else as well, but I was not in such a good, in-depth, moving massage like this! I recommend it to anyone with the exception of babies.”

Mrs. Juhász – Budapest, Hungary (office worker – Union Injurance Company) – 2015

„I only counted on my shoulder and my back, but I never thought, that it would be so good for my palms and fingers as well. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Bea Hevesi – Budapest, Hungary (office worker- Union Injurance Company) – 2015

„Thanks to you for this few days. It means a lot for me, and I enjoyed every minute. I am grateful for everything and everyone I knew. Now I have a little lack of sense to go home, but I really think it’s the beginning of something and not the end. So I’m glad, that I got into this fantastic team. Hope it will have continue!”

Annamária Nagy – Jászapáti, Hungary (office worker– Everness, DRM basic course) – 2015

“I finished the course at the 2015 Everness Festival. I was chosen based on my CV and my motivational letter. The course was an exciting and unique experience, especially after I could use my massage skills. Since then, I am much more open with people. I have learned a lot, but I am still learning by continuing the work with the team. It is very uplifting. I would recommend it to anyone.” 

Andrea Lőrincz – Szekszárd, Hungary (language teacher, dancer – Everness, DRM basic course) – 2015


“I do not have any words, thoughts … my memories come to my head, my emotions are falling like a raindrop. This exhaling river deepens in me, and my soul is brilliant. It touches me. Music is silent, my heart is hanging, my mind is shaken between heaven and earth. I am present in the past. I’m flows, and the landscape develops forever, breathing in the air of my musical wind, No, No, Do not stop. I’m motionless, I’m gonna massage you in the middle, dancing and dancing. I have the buggie in you, and you are my buggie, I want this song to be endlessly blown. I saw, lived and realized, I say good-bye, I became a treasured island. Thanks to the low voice of the current flowing in me. Tap to turn!

Viktória Hanzli-Kiss – Budapest, Hungary (touch and movement therapist – Everness, basic course) – 2014

“For me the education has opened up new doors for myself. I am a self-knowledge personality developer and I have also learned several types of massages. But here things came out from me, and I had no idea, that those were in me. “

Rozália Mészáros – Budapest, Hungary (personality developer, massage therapist – Pszinapszis, basic course) – 2014


“I had a great massage in the Pszinapszis event. The pain from under my shoulder blade is disapeared in next day. I would like to say a big thanks to that young guy!”

Edina Wiesner– Budapest, Hungary (business coach) – 2013

“This kind of massage really revamps and inspires people at every level. I felt completely reborn after the treatment. I recommend it to everyone, not just people who has sitting work!”

Peter Kunkli – Budapest, Hungary (manager) – 2013

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good myself. I feel like at least 10 kilograms of weight has been lifted off from my shoulders, back, and lower back. Also my thoughts are clearer now, so working and studying is much easier. Thank you!”

István Kovács – Gödöllő, Hungary (computer scientist, law student) – 2013


“Only those people understand what we got from you, who know what is Music Therapy Massage … Thank you for all things. … and you know, “Many people will come in and out in your life, but only true friends will leave mark in your heart.”

Zsófi Bodnár, Zoli Kiszely – Gyöngyös, Hungary (artists – Sziget Festival, basic course) – 2012

“I’m very, very pleased with the massage, almost flying after the treatment. I got an energy bomb. I’ll suggest this to all my friends. Great thanks and respect. “

Mrs. Kiss – Budapest, Hungary (office worker) – 2012

“It was a fantastic experience, I’m still under his influence! My boyfriend came home one Sunday and told me that we could go to the Balaton Sound Festival, where we would take part in this training. At first I didn’t want to go, but I went there, because such an occasion doesn’t happen often in a person’s life! I didn’t regret going away because I had an experience that I will always remember! A very good little team came together, and the education was also in a good mood. At first I wouldn’t have thought I would like this massage so much, but whoever learns this one afterwards won’t be able to stop. Thank you so much once again for being there! ”

Krisztina Csendesi – Ceglédbercel, Hungary (office worker – Balaton Sound, basic course) – 2012

“I have just came home from the Balaton Sound Festival 2012, from a massage training. It is an indescribable experience by words, everyone should try it. I often find myself learning more about a musical instrument, where the instrument is me. The team was very good, and in spite of the bad weather the mood was also very good. I have learned a refreshing massage and movement technique, that I can apply anywhere, anytime, only I need a chair. Thank you for I was here, my blessing is that I have found you. “

Ivan Matis – Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia (thai masseur – Balaton Sound, basic course) – 2012

“I have never experienced anything like this! It was as if my body was not mine but it was an instrument in the hands of my massage therapist. It was an unbelievable experience.”

Ágnes Váczi-Molnár – Naas, Ireland (office manager, massage therapist) – 2012

“I am one of the few who have been reluctant to use massage so far. But in this case, a miracle happened, I would use it every day. I had an exceptional experience, and since then I have been advertising and recommending it to everyone! Thanks!”

Mrs. Banyári – Dunavecse, Hungary (hospital manager, salon owner – Mandala Salon) – 2012

“What I got at the school, is not just a diploma. It’s not just a profession. The goodness, what you can get here. Sensitive things, what I learned here, and not just in the field of massage. Sanka conveys his very high-standard science selflessly. Thanks to the good-looking classes and performance style, it’s the only one school, I’ve ever wanted to go to. I recommend to everyone. Changing your life in roots. Like my own. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Tamás Andor Kolozsvári – Ceglédbercel, Hungary (office worker, graffity artist, masseur – Pálinka Festival, basic course) – 2012


“10 cm above the ground, that was the feeling behind me after the massage. This was the perfect derivation of such an intensive exam period. “

Lívia Ónozó – Belgium (healthcare manager, Sziget Festival) – 2011

“It was an unbeatable experience compared to a traditional massage. I’ve tried many different types, but nothing else has turned off my mind, like this. I recommend to everyone!”

Johanna Hábentius – Tata, Hungary (ambulance worker, Sziget Festival) – 2011

“It is simply possible to express in superlatives the experience, renewal and physical refreshment, that this type of massage can provide. I have a lot of problems with my back and waist, which is why I was a bit skeptical about it, and I didn’t expect any big results – but I was wrong – this treatment exceeded all my expectations! ”

Richard Halmai – Budapest, Hungary (sportsman, wagoner) – 2011

“The massage was helps me a lot. I absolutely refreshed from it! Before this I didn’t like the massage, but I tried this and enjoyed a lot. Very good, I recommend it to everyone! “

Bonnie John – Budapest, Hungary (healthcare worker, Sziget Festival) – 2011

“The massage is very, very good! The mood is super and so high, great experience. I feel much better after that. I can only recommend!”

Lívia Burgermeiszter – Esztergom, Hungary (healthcare worker) – 2011

“I’ve tried a lot of massages, I can say I’m addicted. Ever since I got this one, I don’t go anywhere else. At other massages there is 1-2 hours of euphoria, then everything is the same, but this is fill me up for days, and will not pain for weeks. I do not want to get overwhelmed, but if you do not try it, you miss a fantastic experience. “

Anita Bencsics – Csanádapáca, Hungary (ambulance leader, Sziget Festival) – 2011

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