Miksa László (2017)

“I’m happy to be a great event with massaging heroes. The people who wanted to be refreshed came all day. I watched with wonder the work of the Health Center, and the love of the people with admiration. This is an incredible drive. Anyone who does it must be in training properly. I recommend them to heart everywhere! “


Hans Martin Drews (2016, Everness education)

„We had an excellent week with an excellent team, full of work and good experience. On the first day, I thought maybe there was a problem, that we did not speak the same language, but Sandor is an excellent instructor, and Krisztian helped us very well. The training was very practice-oriented, so speech was not primarily the case. The technique is very professional and purposeful. It energizes you under 10 minutes, as other massages in 30 or even more minutes.”


Hajnalka Bátor (2016, Everness education)

„I felt myself very good, learned a lot from myself and others. I like that this massage is perfectly straightforward. It moves and refreshes, it does it all in a relatively short time, and at an event this is the point. I’m glad that I applied for the training!”


Falk Hoppe (2016, Everness education)

„The education was very good. We had an excellent instructor, who was always there, watching and helping in everything. Besides it we had a great team as well. In Germany, where I live, I have some practice in wellness massages and reiki. However, this is an entirely different approach to physiotherapy. The feedback from the guests was very helpful in the course. I’m glad we can learn this technique.”


Bálint Pető (2016, Everness education)

„It was a very good week, a team of completely different people got together, and touched spirit of each other. Moreover I also work as a Swedish masseur, but now I have learned a totally new approach to massage. Very high strength of training is the practical side. It includes everything, everything can be practiced, we helping each other in everything.”


Laura Czafikné Bakos (2016, Everness education)

„It was a great experience. It was fantastic to learn what this system and its developer have created and delivered to us. I’m so happy to be here!”


István Latyák (2016, Everness education)

„It is a sensible idea for such an education by the organizers. We have gained a practical knowledge, that is difficult to obtain elsewhere for many years of training. Here we were able to practice on different people throughout the week, every day. Such knowledge can not be acquired differently. This has to be done, it can not be learned from books.”


Mária Réka Tilless (2016, Everness education)

„I perform soft, smoothing massages. Now I was curious that I might be good in a more dynamic, more powerful style, or not. And I was good. Now, after this week I am very tired, but besides it I’m filled up with energy. This is a fast, but more efficient technique. I’m happy that I learnt, and I want to do this as well.”


Péter Csizmadia (2015)

“I had a very intensive experience. For me as a businessman time is very important. My experience with the traditional Office Massage is that it takes longer, and the result is less satisfying, than the Rapid Massage. Here from my shoulder to my fingers I’m all crunched, I’m extracted. From the first seconds I feel an extraction, tension and pressure, what I feel even in my fingers, and in the end it will be one great movement, and I really feel the blood running through my veins. It’s wonderful.”


Ádám László (2015)

„As an event organizer, it feels good to hear that everyone has a great massage. And my experience is the same. I got a energy bomb! Thanks!”


Tünde Pongor (2015)

„I am completely refreshed, I would like to start the day from the beginning. I like the powerful massage and I really liked that my request was met. This type of massage is a great choice for sitting work. Anyway, I hope we’ll meet again!”


Csilla Borbély (2015)

“I’ve never been able to relax under the massages, but now first in my life I managed to succeed. I really liked, that they deal not only with my back, my shoulders, but both of my arms. I was afraid a little bit before the treatment, because some techniques looks like painful from outside view. But it is not true, it is absolutely not painful Very nice!”


Ákos Péter (2015, irodai dolgozó)

„It might looks painful from the outside, but anyway it feels very good. It moves from hand to back to waist, perfect for sitting work. It could be taken once or twice a week.”


Gyöngyi Kiss Mrs. Brandt (2015)

“I’ve never had a massage like this before. In other sitting massages they treated only my back and shoulder. But here they also treated my arms, my hand, my fingers, and they crunched me as well. Very good, I would recommend to my acquaintances!”


Zsuzsanna Paraszti (2015)

“It’s very nice, mainly in this job. Before I went inside, I had pain in my neck and shoulder, but now I don’t feel anymore. I totally relaxed. Massage of the neck and the hands was my favorite part. It’s perfect for office jobs, I would use it every week!”


Mrs. Juhász József (2015)

“This is amazing! I felt myself very well. I had been somewhere else as well, but I was not in such a good, in-depth, moving massage like this! I recommend it to anyone with the exception of babies.”


Bea Hevesi (2015)

„I only counted on my shoulder and my back, but I never thought, that it would be so good for my palms and fingers. I would recommend it to anyone.”


Annamária Nagy (2015 – Everness education)

„Thanks to you for this few days. It means a lot for me, and I enjoyed every minute. I am grateful for everything and everyone I knew. Now I have a little lack of sense to go home, but I really think it’s the beginning of something and not the end. So I’m glad, that I got into this fantastic team. Hope it will have continue!”


Lőrincz Andrea (2015 – Everness education)

“I finished the course at the 2015`s Everness Festival. I was chosen based on my CV and my motivational letter. The course was an exciting and unique experience, especially after I could use my massage skills. Since then, I am much more open with people. I have learned a lot, but I am still learning by continuing the work with the team. It is very uplifting. I would recommend it to anyone.”


Viktória Hanzli-Kiss (2014 – Everness education)

“I do not have any words, thoughts … my memories come to my head, my emotions are falling like a raindrop. This exhaling river deepens in me, and my soul is brilliant. It touches me … everywhere I leave an impression on you as your touching hands loosen my muscles 🙂 I slip away from my tears wet to Mother Earth, with my hands, I rhythm on your body. Music is silent, my heart is hanging, my mind is shaken between heaven and earth. I am present in the past, the moment is nested, living, understanding faces have been observed, and one eye has become a commemorative bond. It flows in vain, and the landscape develops forever, breathing in the air of my musical wind, No, No, Do not stop. I’m motionless, I’m gonna massage you in the middle, dancing and dancing. I have the buggie in you, and you are my buggie, I want this song to be endlessly blown. I saw, lived and realized, I say good-bye, I became a treasured island. Thanks to the low voice of the current flowing in me, so far as I am, I have the blue ribbon at least until the next encounter. Tap to turn! 🙂 Viki “


Rozália Mészáros (2014 Pszinapszis education)

“For me the education has opened up new doors for myself. I am a self-knowledge personality developer and I have also learned several types of massages. But here things came out from me, and I had no idea, that those were in me. “


Péter Kunkli (2013)

“This kind of massage really revamps and inspires people at every level. I felt completely reborn after the treatment. I recommend it to everyone, not just people who has sitting work!”


István Kovács (2013)

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good. I feel like at least 10 kilograms of weight has been lifted off from my shoulders, back, and lower back. Also, my thoughts are clearer now, so working and studying is much easier. Thank you!”


Zsófi Bodnár, Zoli Kiszely(2012 – Sziget education)

“Only those people understand what we got from you, who know what is Music Therapy Massage … Thank you for all things. … and you know, “Many people will come in and out in your life, but only true friends will leave mark in your heart.”


Jutka Mrs. Kiss (2012)

“I’m very, very pleased with the massage, almost flying after the treatment. I got an energy bomb. I’ll suggest this to all my friends. Great thanks and respect. “


Mátis Iván (2012 – Balaton Sound education)

“I have just came home from the Balaton Sound Festival 2012, from a massage training. It is an indescribable experience by words, everyone should try it. I often find myself learning more about a musical instrument where the instrument is man. The team was very good, and in spite of the bad weather the mood was very good. I have learned a refreshing massage technique that I can apply anywhere, anytime, only I need a chair. Thank you for I was here, my blessing is that I have found you. “


Ágnes Váczi-Molnár (2012)

“I have never experienced anything like this! It was as if my body was not mine but it was an instrument in the hands of my massage therapist. It was an unbelievable experience.”


Lívia Ónozó (2011)

“10 cm above the ground, that was the feeling behind me after the massage. This was the perfect derivation of such an intensive exam period. “


Johanna Hábentius (2011)

“It was an unbeatable experience compared to a traditional massage. I’ve tried many different types, but nothing else has turned off my mind, like this. I recommend to everyone!”


John Bonnie (2011)

“The massage was helps me a lot. I absolutely refreshed from it! Before this I didn’t like the massage, but I tried this and enjoyed a lot. Very good, I recommend it to everyone!”


Lívia Burgermeiszter (2011)

“The massage is very, very good! The mood is super and so high, great experience. I feel much better after that. I can only recommend!”


Anita Bencsics (2011)

“I’ve tried a lot of massages, I can say I’m addicted. Ever since I got this one, I don’t go anywhere else. At other massages there is 1-2 hours of euphoria, then everything is the same, but this is fill me up for days, and will not pain for weeks. I do not want to get overwhelmed, but if you do not try it, you miss a fantastic experience.”


Tamás Andor Kolozsvári (2011 – Pálinka Festival education)

“What I got at the school, is not just a diploma. It’s not just a profession. The goodness, what you can get here. Sensitive things, what I learned here, and not just in the field of massage. Sanka conveys his very high-standard science selflessly. Thanks to the good-looking classes and performance style, it’s the only one school, I’ve ever wanted to go to. I recommend to everyone. Changing your life in roots. Like my own. Thank you for the opportunity!”