Make your event more exciting! Surprise your guests with a special experience!

The Dynamic Rapid massage is a simple, practical and popular relaxation method, which can be enjoyed fully clothed, so it is ideal for any kind of occasion – for conferences, corporate and family events, health and sports days, or even festivals. The Dynamic Rapid massage energizes the participants and it increases their mental and physical concentration. The 8-10 minute sessions are not only effective, but also spectacular: people often gather around the massage stand and speak highly about the performance of the masseur and the organization skills of the event planner.

“I’m happy to be a great event with massaging heroes. The people who wanted to be refreshed came all day. I watched with wonder the work of the Health Center, and the love of the people with admiration. This is an incredible drive. Anyone who does it must be in training properly. I recommend them to heart everywhere! “

Miksa László – event organizer, musician

Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid Massage Nagy KrisztiánRapid Massage Service – Event massage prices – Out of Hungary
2-3 hours: 40 EUR/hour/therapist + travel
4-6 hours: 35 EUR/hour/therapist + travel
7-8 hours: 30 EUR/hour/therapist + travel

One massage therapist can massage 6-8 clients in one hour!

In the case of an exclusive or a long-term cooperation, different fees can be asked!