Would you try something special for your event?

Event massage is more and more popular, and our company has pioneered in creating the best possible technique.

Conference massage is one of the most popular event massage, and for a reason – it is done in full clothing, in a sitting position. Dynamic Rapid massage is easy and quick, a perfect fit for the shorter breaks of any conferences. This type of massage revitalizes the body, and cheers up the soul. If Dynamic Rapid Massage is used during professional gatherings and conferences, the massage provides focus and concentration. If it’s applied at festivals and events like, it provides refreshment and pain relief – and a refreshed and energized body.

This high-quality service will add to the success of your event – no matter the type.

“I’m happy to be a great event with massaging heroes. The people who wanted to be refreshed came all day. I watched with wonder the work of the Health Center, and the love of the people with admiration. This is an incredible drive. Anyone who does it must be in training properly. I recommend them to heart everywhere! “

Miksa László (2017) event organizer, musician – LB27 Reggae Camp

Rendezvény masszázs - Az EgészségHáz csapata a Regge Campen 2017-ben.

Why is this better than “normal” manager massage?

Dynamic Rapid massage is done in a chair, although this is not a typical manager massage. We’ve been developing this type of massage specially for events. Our journey of improvement started off from the traditional manager massage, and we constantly searched for a more efficient way to help people while they are at work. During those times, we worked with doctors, psychologists, ambulance workers and emergency care assistants, and we used their feedback to improve our massage techniques.

Nagy Sándor egy mentőst masszíroz egy fesztiválon

Finally, we reached the stage, where their feedback reported higher levels of energy and lower levels of fatigue. After a while, we tried this renewed massage technique in other professions in the “civil” sphere as well – with ultimate success.

Our references since then also speak for themselves.

“There are great possibilities in Dynamic Rapid Massage, I have been using this technique for 5 years in my work. It clearly exceeds among chair and office massages, patients report the passing of tension, free-moving joints and a floating, pleasurable feeling, already in a 8-10 minute session. A service like this is one of the greatest idea to any events. Raise its standard.”

János Gelléri(2018) – psychologist, masseur, climber

Nyak- és derék mobilizáció a Dinamikus Rapid Masszázsban

Why should you choose us?

If you are not convinced by more than 10 years of experience, a carefully developed massage technique, maybe this helps to make up your mind. Dynamic Rapid Massage is not only efficient – it also looks appealing and spectacular. Usually, people circle the festival stand and form a queue to have their fair share of massage. Festival organizers are usually super popular – at least for people who leave our stands energized and refreshed.

So in them eyes you will be the best brainstormer.

And you have to know, this is not a joke or marketing. Behind this lines there are many years of experience.

“Rapid Massage was a fantastic highlight of our conference. The 600 participants gave the guys a continuous job. We got refreshed, reloaded and relaxed under their hands. I recommend it with a good heart, it is a huge experience !!!”

Örs  Horváth (2018) – main organizer – Integral European Conference

kartechnika a Dinamikus Rapid Masszázsban