Our Prices

You can order us for these prices

We work a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 hours a day, at a price of 48-60 EUR/ hour, depending on how long you order us. Based on these, our package offers are the follows:

2 hour: 120 EUR/therapist
3 hour: 180 EUR/therapist

4 hour: 220 EUR/therapist
5 hour: 270 EUR/therapist
6 hour: 320 EUR/therapist

7 hour: 350 EUR/therapist
8 hour: 390 EUR/therapist

One therapist can massage 4-5 people in 1 hour, depending on the concept and rest time.

Is it possible to order based on the number of people?

In case of Office Massage or special Sports Massage, yes

Price of this:

15 EUR/person

Minimum order worth is 120 EUR / therapist, so disembarkation is provided for 8 massages.

Polgármesteri Hivatal - Kocs - Rapid Massage Service

3 more reasons to choose us

1. Because with us, short lifestyle counseling can be requested after each session.
2. Because in case of long-term or exclusive cooperation, you can also request an individual offer.
3. And finally, because we did not become masseurs after one or two weekend courses, but this is our profession. We are constantly practicing and developing our knowledge and techniques.

Posture and movement developer gymnastics for sedentary workers


1-4 person: 60 EUR/person/occasion

5-9 person: 55 EUR/person/occasion

10-19 person: 50 EUR/person/occasion

20-29 person: 45 EUR/person/occasion

30-39 person: 40 EUR/person/occasion

40-49 person: 35 EUR/person/occasion

50-59 person: 30 EUR/person/occasion

60 person min: 25 EUR/person/occasion


One time is 70-90 minutes depending on the pace of progress. After the transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge for the first time, the exercises can be performed without supervision. 3 months development and control occasions are recommended.

Rapid Massage Service Team

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