Maintaining the integrity of our spine and consciously supporting it is very important in protecting our health. When we live in bad posture and movement patterns, our vertebraes are loaded differently and unevenly, causing all sorts of symptoms at various points in our bodies. A good and targeted training can help prevent problems, balance the spine, and prevent further pathological musculoskeletal changes.

Why such a training really good?

Because being interactive. Because its not treating symptoms but eliminating causes. Because its putting an active methodology and technique in your hands, which if you learn, you will help yourself with it. Because that in return for the money and time invested, it does not provide a service, but a knowledge that will remain throughout your life. Because your posture will be nice from this.


To whom recommend it?

It is strongly recommended for children and young adults to become physically healthy adults, and prevent later problems. It is especially important today, when sedentary work and telephone pressing make the next generations even more hunched over. In addition, with this training older adults also can find an effectively solution for their already existing pains and problems.The goal of gymnastics is to balance and restore the muscles, bones and joints so that the spine is loaded evenly and properly.


Why should you choose us?

Because our instructor teaches along the most modern and effective physiotherapy principles. Because he doesn’t make group lessons, it is individual, so he only deals with you (or your child), focused. Because he know how to speak with children and adults as well. Because his approach is not only anatomical but holistic, so he also have mentally pays attention to who he works with. Because with him, you can not only learn “empty” exercises, but he will show you when, how, how often and with what dynamics you should breathe, and what you should think about while practicing to be more effective.

We would like to recommend the leader of our school, who is not only a medical and sports masseur, but also a movement, breathing and posture developer and spine trainer.

Nagy Sándor

How does it works?

Once you have contacted us and made an appointment, you will need a polyfoam or rug and comfortable clothing. With our instructor, you occasionally spend 60-70 minutes learning theoretical and practical, live or online as you wish. At the end of the class, you will discuss what your homework will be.

If you want a short-term program, we have an 8-passes offer. Using this, you are actually taking part in a private mini-course, during which you can learn a properly set up, personalized posture improvement tournament with the help of our instructor. If you take 30 minutes a day to practice this at home 4-5 times a week after the course, there is a good chance that your symptoms will improve in a short time and your posture will return to a healthy one pretty slowly. In children and young adults, the same prevents become and fixed bad patterns and pains into adulthood

If, in addition to normalizing your posture, you have other goals (such as learning different movement patterns for sports or focused, functional workouts), you can indicate to our instructor who will deal with you in this view even in the longer term.


What about the costs?

60-70 minutes consultation and training

60 EUR

8 passes for posture developer training

400 EUR

10 passes for function movement developing

500 EUR