“…Dynamic Rapid Massage has been around since 2010, more precisely when its first developments began. At that time I worked in the medical station of the largest hungarian summer festivals (Sziget, Balaton Sound, VOLT, Tokaj Hegyalja). In 2010 – then still alone – my volunteer task was to develop treatments for the healthcare staff, which were the most efficiency in the shortest time. They needed it, because the staff had very long term (24-36 hours) shifts…”

“…At the beginning of the experiment, it soon became clear that neither time nor adequate sterility was given for long, dressless massages at these events, so by the end of the season, the original, dressed office massage (manager massage) became the basic idea. But this by itself did not prove to be effective enough, because the 15-20 minute / person treatments were still very long, as sometimes more than a hundred people had to be reckoned with. Furthermore, the soft, slow techniques were more relaxed than energized, so its did not work during long, fast and concentrated shifts…”

Masszázsszékkel a mentők közt - Sziget Fesztivál 2011

“…From 2011, I started using more intensive sports massage techniques – still on massage chair – and reduced the duration of the treatments to about 10-12 minutes, and at the end of the sessions I tried to dissolve the muscle and joint blocks with various oriental massage techniques, stretchings and crunchings. In addition, I also made sure to do my treatments with the most effective ergonomics possible, as not only did the staff have a lot of work to do, but by the fact that they were many, I also had…”

“…In addition to the technical part, first I started to develop my movement from an ergonomic point of view, and later I paid the same attention to my breathing. I tried to coordinate the two as best as possible, so I managed to make my touch and perception even more sophisticated, and thus all my work. The result spoke for itself. I also endured more and more massages, and the people treated also performed better in their ‘marathon’ shifts. The service has become very popular and appreciated on the medical stations. Then I gave it the name Oriental Style Manager Massage…”

Masszázs a mentőautók árnyékában - VOLT Fesztivál 2012

“…Following the founding of Music Therapy Massage School in December 2011, further developments of the Oriental Style Manager Massage began in 2012, now also during the year. Thanks to the successes of the previous year, physiotherapy departments were opened at the medical stations of the summer festivals, of which I became the head. Then and there I started training masseurs for the medical staff, and with my new colleagues, we also suggested various moving exercises for them after the treatments, with which they can do a little for themselves while working…”

“…Even in the same year, we also opened a tent for the festivalers at all the festivals, where the new style has also a great success. For example at the Sziget Festival all the “nations” of Europe praised the service they had never experienced before. They were raised up by the experience, they were filled up with energy, so the medical base massage tent became a popular and sought-after place.…”

Masszázs stand a fesztiválozóknak - VOLT Fesztivál 2012

“…At the same time, in 2012 and 2013, in addition to festivals, we also tried the new technique at other events, workplaces and sports events. In 2013, my students and I began to test the intensive sports massage techniques in practice even more rhythmically, with various dynamics. In addition, in order to increase efficiency, we paid great attention to coordination the body-momentum, which created by the moved muscles. As a result, our subjects reported light, soaring feelings, even greater positivity and energy…”

“…At this time, I also made the practice of Kung-Fu a regular part of my life, which further deepened the coordination of my breathing and movements. At the time, I was already putting more emphasis on practicing full-bodied, ergonomic movements in education… ”

Chi-kunggal végzett ergonómiai gyakorlat - Tiszapüspöki edzőtábor 2013

“…In the second half of 2013 – as the techniques used and the concept already was not similar the original Office Massage -, I renamed Oriental Style Manager Massage to Oriental Style Rapid Massage. From this time, its evolution continued under this name. It was fast, efficient, and easy to do anywhere, anytime. That’s why I called ‘rapid’…”

“…With the precise coordination of breathing, movement and concentration, it was actually a Chi-kung exercise. By the end of 2014, the application of rhythm dynamics was already so effective in practice that a 6-8 minute treatment produced the same effects and results as a 10-12 minute Oriental Style Manager Massage 2 years earlier….”

rendezvényen masszírozó masszőrök

“…By this time, we had already focused on short but effective treatment of the head. This made a session an even more soaring feeling for the experiencer. In January 2015, it was an obvious idea to establish the Rapid Massage Service. This company now provides that new, energizing session for various events and workplaces in the civil sphere. The new treatment – after another renaming – is called Dynamic Rapid Massage, which is much more original, distinctive and expressive.…”

Sándor Nagy, founder – Rapid Massage Service