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Basics Of Movement Ergonomics – Useful Tips For Massage Therapists

I have been in the profession for 11 years, also as an instructor for 8 years. My favorite field of study is the practical application of movement and breathing ergonomics, and I also give further trainings on these topics. My experience is that a lot of masseurs complain of various back, waist and other joint pains during their work. In this writing, I will try to give a meaningful answer to the root causes of classic “masseur diseases” and I will also write one or two practical tips that you are more likely to avoid…

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Method Of Momentum Coordination

From the monotonic load of sedentary work, and from chronic stress, the muscles become permanently tense. During a general refreshing massage treatment, the more the masseur can relax his patient’s muscles, the more his work effectively. The different massage techniques relax the muscles on their own, but if the therapist is conscious and trained enough, with some coordination, she/he can use the passive momentum of the muscles – which he/she generates with his/her work – to help the relax even more and make his patients even more satisfied…

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The Relationship Of Breathing And Massage – Useful Tips For Massage Therapists

The quality of a masseur’s work is not only determined by his technical and anatomical knowledge and his professional experience. Of course, these matter a lot, and form the basis of a good and effective treatment, but there is a factor that may seem underlying and secondary at first, but is in fact all-pervading and influencing…

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How To Perform Stress Relieving Head Massage At Home?

We can often feel like we have no energy after an unexpected event or after a tiring day at work. Our nervous system is exhausted, maybe our head hurts and even it’s hard to move, let alone go to a masseur or anywhere outside the house at all. We’re happy to be able to drag ourselves up to the couch hoping for a little reassurance. In that case, it can also help a bit to ask our couple – or someone just there – to do us a simpler, non-skilled, “life-saving” head massage. We can even do it ourselves – or we can help others – if we are aware of the principles and techniques …

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What Is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is one of the best known types of massage. We hear his name a lot, but do we know what it means, where it comes from and what it’s good for? In this writing, I will try to answer the most important questions about sports massage…

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Physiological Effects Of Rhythms – Rhythm And Massage

Today, almost everyone is familiar with the water research work of the Japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto, who studied the effects of different types of music on water crystals. He proved the diversity of these effects with imaginative – and repeatable – experiments. However, I don’t want to talk about this well-known series of experiments now. I would rather focus on the more sacral causes of these effects. So I wouldn’t write about the physiological effects of composed music, but its basic, essential unity, the rhythm, perhaps less known, but I hope for similarly exciting things…

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Stress And Evolution – Which Are The Best Stress Relieving Massages?

What makes a massage stress-relieving? We can often come across this marker or name in connection with various massages. However, it is worth knowing that all massages are stress relievers (to a greater or lesser extent), so this is not to be understood as a proper name. There is no type of massage called “Stress Relieving Massage”! So the question sounds right: “What makes THE massage stress-relieving?” And the answer is …


How To Do A Head Massage Well?

Our head is a particularly sensitive part of our body. It contains our brain, which is our organ responsible for most of our mental functions. The brain also promotes stress and calm in the body. When we talk about stress-relieving massage, we often think of a good head massage, or at least a treatment that includes a head massage. Not in vain, since the primary goal of most head massages is to counteract the excessive state of stress, to help the resting state, to create relaxation…