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Dynamic Sports Massage

Dynamic Sports Massage is a special kind of treatment for athletes. The focus of the massage can differ based on the activity, which we are preparing the athlete for (extra focus on the legs for runners, or on the shoulders of rowers.) In this style the mix of the special technics, rhythm, and the more well-known technics of sports massage form a perfect blend. Dynamic Sports Massage is the perfect option for warm up before, or regeneration after a competition.

Our references speaks for themselves.

“The day before the start of the races I had a terrible muscle spasm in the lumbar area. I couldn’t even press the clutch pedal in the car! Rapid Massage Service really saved my life. During the days of competitions I got two massages a day: one warm up (before race), and one regenerating (after that); and so I managed to compete for 4 days, and also to win a GOLD MEDAL! I really liked the professionalism and the attitude of the operators; and the friendly atmosphere. Result 5 stars! I hope to meet you again soon”

Federica Matteoli (2019) – Rowing Masters World Champion

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To whom we recommend this?

Firstly to professional and amateur sports clubs, who wants to provide the best care for their athletes. But it’s also well suited for a company, or big family sports event; to provide extra fitness safety and revitalization. Next to this it’s also a good option for gyms and sports-camps to make sure the participants stay healthy and pain-free despite the demanding exercises.

“I first met this massage at our training camp. What can I say? It was a redemption. It was short, intense, and helped the regeneration to such an extent, that it relaxed me so much, that I felt like a completely different person from it. In the long run, it leads to a huge increase in performance, if we help the regeneration of muscles and joints in this way. I recommend everyone, who plays sports regularly to include it in the program. “

Péter Kovács (2017) – kung-fu trainer

INTERESTING: In China the Shaolin monks had daily routines, involving stretching and massage, to help them in day to day regeneration.These techniques were later used to create the Yumeiho technique. Dynamic Rapid Massage (and Dynamic Sports Massage)  incorporates many techniques used in this eastern style. The movement-system and the breathing patterns used during the massage are inspired by the style and ergonomy of Shaolin kung-fu.

Karnyújtás a Dinamikus Sportmasszázsban

So why should you choose us? Why is this option so much better, than other sports massage solutions?

In a well-rounded sports massage, the key is the choice in the rhythm. Therapists use this in their advantages subconsciously; but they struggle to find the right rhythm for warming up, or proper regeneration therapy. To perform Dynamic Sportmassage properly, the therapist needs an exceptional sense of rhythm, and a deep understanding of the human body.

A vádli átdolgozása Dinamikus Sportmasszázsban

Our team doesn’t only consist of physio-therapists, but also people with a musical background to ensure the perfect sense of rhythm. Sometimes we also train our therapists blindfolded to master their touch, and to concentrate even more, on the right rhythm. Last but not least, we love sports. Almost all of us amateur and professional athletes in our team, so we know from first hand, how important and satisfying a good massage in sports.

So you will be in good hands – we can assure you.

“It is simply possible to express in superlatives the experience, renewal and physical refreshment that this type of massage can provide. I have a lot of problems with my back and waist, which is why I was a bit skeptical about it and I didn’t expect any big results – but I was wrong – this treatment exceeded all my expectations! ”

Richard Halmai (2011) – runner, sportsman

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