Help your competitor’s preparation, or regenerate before or after a competition!

Dynamic Rapid Massage by itself is already a unique form of sport massage, but when it comes to competitors, it is much more intensive and rapid. The massage focuses intensely on the loaded muscle groups (for example the legs, in the case of runners; or the shoulders, in the case of kayakers), so it is outstandingly energizing. Thanks to the frequent kneading techniques, allowing more blood to flow into the muscles, joints and tendons, which become more relaxed; so the Dynamic Rapid Sport Massage is perfect for warming up before competitions and regenerating during or after sport events.

“I can only use superlatives, when speaking about this experience. The regeneration and refreshment, which is provided by this massage, is unbelievable. I have lots of back and lower back problems, so I was sceptic at first. I did not expect any results. But I was wrong, Dynamic Rapid Massage achieved more than I ever expected.”


Richárd Halmai, Athlete, Driver

Rapid Massage Service – Sports Massage prices

2-3 hours: 40 EUR/hour/therapist + travel
4-6 hours: 35 EUR/hour/therapist + travel
7-8 hours: 30 EUR/hour/therapist + travel


For a group:

10 EUR/person (minimum cost 100 EUR) + travel

One massage therapist can massage 6-8 clients in one hour!