General description

What is Dynamic Rapid Massage?

Dynamic Rapid Massage is an intensive, energetic massage performed on a massage chair. This style combining traditional (Eastern) and modern (Western) principles and techniques with self-developed tricks. Originally, it was an improved version of traditional office massage, but later it was almost nothing like its predecessor except for the massage chair.

Each massage also has a general relaxing and energizing effect. However, the use of this 8-10 minute treatment is aimed at a higher level of energization, increasing physical and mental performance. As a result, its technical system and concept make it applicable as a general preventive or special refreshing massage. It is suitable for warming up and regenerating competitors at various sport events as well as for general updating of participants in other events (conferences, corporate events, festivals, etc.). The experience is that it raises the standard of an event.

Kartechnika a Dinamikus Rapid Masszázsban

In addition, this form of massage – like the original version – is also recommended for workplaces. It basically includes treatment for the upper body, but can also be applied specifically to the lower body. Its peculiar features are the special constant rhythmicity and the method of momentum coordination. This method results in a large amount of muscle relaxation in the short run. Performing Dynamic Rapid Massage requires extremely high concentration, because to achieve the right effect, the therapist must simultaneously pay attention to movement, breathing, precise technical execution, and the rhythm of his work.


It was an unbeatable experience compared to a traditional massage. I’ve tried many different types, but nothing else has turned off my mind, like this. I recommend to everyone!”

Johanna Hábentius – ambulance worker (2011, Sziget Festival)

Válltechnika a Dinamikus Rapid Masszázsban

What effect does it have on subject?

Thanks to the intensive, dynamic sports massage techniques and the treatment along the meridians and anatomy trains, a Dynamic Rapid Massage session takes on a soaring feeling and is recharged you with energy (in addition to the usual relaxation of any massage).

When the therapist works with body momentum, you often feel as if your body, arms, shoulders are lighter.

The techniques performed at a steady rhythm also make the relatively short Rapid Massage a unified, continuous whole. As an experiencer you often relaxes so much, that you loses your sense of time, your senses expand, and you only experiences the harmony of your own interior.


I have never experienced anything like this! It was as if my body was not mine but it was an instrument in the hands of my massage therapist. It was an unbelievable experience.”

Ágnes Váczi-Molnár– massage therapist, office manager (2012)

Egy őszinte mosoly egy Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs foglalkozás után

What happens with who gives it?

The technical and movement system of Dynamic Rapid Massage is structured to move the main muscle groups of both the upper and lower body of the therapist. Meanwhile, it shifts the load from the joints to the muscles. Furthermore, the whole body concentrated movement, closely combined with proper posture and breathing (Chi-kung), keeps the body and mind in training at the same time. It strengthens the immune system, increases vitality, promotes effective self-expression and true positive thinking. Cultivating Rapid Massage is therefore a very effective exercise program and self-improvement exercise for the practitioner who experiences all of these effects on their own.

„It is a sensible idea for such an education by the organizers. We have gained a practical knowledge, that is difficult to obtain elsewhere for many years of training. Here we were able to practice on different people throughout the week, every day. Such knowledge can not be acquired differently. This has to be done, it can not be learned from books.”

István Latyák – wrestler, masseur, chiropracteur (2016, Everness basic course)

Egy őszinte arc egy masszőrtől, aki épp Dinamikus Rapid Masszázst végez.

May it painful?

It may be important to mention to laic people that while from the outside it may seem that Rapid Massage is a “painful operation”, through various arm strains and twists, everyone experiences the opposite. In fact, the best refreshing massages works on the verge of good and bad pain. Dynamic Rapid Massage is the same, and because ot this it can great relax and recharge people. Thanks to the precise dynamic workmanship, none of its movements are painful at all. It is enough to look at the subjects’ faces after a treatment, or exchange a few words with them to make it completely clear.

“I’ve never been able to relax under the massages, but now first in my life I managed to succeed. I really liked, that they deal not only with my back, my shoulders, but both of my arms. I was afraid a little bit before the treatment, because some techniques looks like painful from outside view. But it is not true, it is absolutely not painful Very nice!”

Csilla Borbély – office worker (2015, Union Injurance Company)

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