Learn Dynamic Rapid Massage! For our best students, there are options to work at Rapid Massage Service!

At the Rapid Massage Service, not only can you try it out, but you can practice the wonders of the Dynamic Rapid Massage too. Besides learning different massage methods, our training program is perfect for self-improvement as well. The right body positioning and concentrated breathing improves the sophisticated motion exercises and as a result of this, the person’s massage techniques become more advanced. Another positive effect is that by learning these methods, we can discover our boundaries and we will also be able to boost our immune system. Therefore, it is safe to say that practicing the Dynamic Rapid Massage gives you self-knowledge and a special worldview, which can be used not only in this field, but also in every aspect of life.

“I finished the course at the 2015`s Everness Festival. I was chosen based on my CV and my motivational letter. The course was an exciting and unique experience, especially after I could use my massage skills. Since then, I am much more open with people. I have learned a lot, but I am still learning by continuing the work with the team. It is very uplifting. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Andrea Lőrincz, Language Teacher, Dancer, Rapid Massage Therapist


The basic course of the Dynamic Rapid Massage takes 6 hours/day, but it depends on the knowledge of the student too. There are smaller, more „family-like” courses where the pupils practice on each other, and sometimes there are larger courses, which are more practical. The latter takes place at bigger festivals. But why?

“Well, you can learn things in “laboratory circumstances”, but I prefer to practice these courses at festivals. They are the place where the correct energy and milieu can be found to support healthy study techniques. At festivals, you have the opportunity to practice on hundreds of happy, open-minded people, who are more likely to become dedicated to the massage. With these events the person is able to gain a huge amount of theoretical and practical knowledge, because the lack of ’sterile conditions” can increase the feeling of confidence. When the course is done and you feel inclined, you just have to continue to work in your practice. When I look at my students after this great experience, I can feel the energy, the confidence, the humility and true happiness. This is how I want to show them the right path!”

Sándor Nagy, 2014

Dynamic Rapid Massage

After the basic education you can develop yourself on higher course trainings!


Rapid Massage Service – Basic Course prices
Group: 250 EUR
Private: 350 EUR