Would you learn something that will benefit you your whole life?

Self-improvement training program

Rapid Massage Service is not just a business but a school. Within this framework, we can provide further trainings to massage therapist colleagues on the techniques and principles we developed with the medical team of festivals at the time; and next to this you can also learn Dynamic Rapid Massage, directly from its creator. This is the main profile of our school.

In addition to learning about different massage techniques, our training system is also an excellent self-improvement training program. Acquiring sophisticated movement exercises with correct posture and concentrated breathing, as well as purposeful development of our senses, is an essential requirement for the basics and quality of Dynamic Rapid Massage and our other trainings. In addition, it helps us to understand and expand our limitations, to improve our self and body awareness, to improve our concentration, and to strengthen our immune system, even outside the world of physiotherapy.

“For me the education has opened up new doors for myself. I am a self-knowledge personality developer and I have also learned several types of massages. But here things came out from me, and I had no idea, that those were in me. “

Rozália Mészáros (2014, Pszinapszis DRM basic course) – personality developer, massage therapist

Our new education system is under translation. Please come back later or contact us. Then check out our introductory short film.