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Workplace Health Program

With the Rapid Massage Service, we aim to contribute to the overall health of our clients. Within this frame, we offer massage for workplaces combined with techniques for maintained concentration and general healthcare. Our aim is to contribute to more efficient work by providing the well-being of the employees.

Now you can also participate in this program with your team.

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From our special office massage

Dynamic Rapid Massage is an improved version of the original office massage (manager massage). The main difference is that it is able to work in a shorter time with greater efficiency than its predecessor.

“As a businessman, time is very important to me. The time and efficiency of traditional office massage is far behind from the Rapid Massage. Here I am moved from my shoulder to the end of my fingers. It’s like a dip in ice water, refreshing in moments. We love to use it and recommend it to all workplaces! “

Péter Csizmadia (2015) – executice director – Global Invest Service Kft

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How is it different from traditional office massae?

As opposed to the original manager massage, this technique focuses more on the muscles and tendons of the arms, and the stretching out of the shoulders. It’s more important than ever before, as the average adult spends way more time in unhealthy body positions then 30-40 years ago when the original manager massage was created in Silicon Valley. (More time spent in sedentary jobs, smartphones, etc.)

Next to this the stretching out of the spine was not part of the original rutin, so it’s an essential plus, that Dynamic Rapid Massage includes into a session.

It’s very enjoyable, especially in this job. Before I went in, my neck and shoulders hurt, now I don’t feel that at all. I completely relaxed. Neck and hand massage was my favorite part. Perfect for office work, even if I use it every week! ”

Zsuzsanna Paraszti (2015) – customer service assistant – Union Injurance Company

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Why should you choose us?

Because we not only work together, but study and train every week as a team, to master ourselves and the technique – to evolve it even further.

Moreover Dynamic Rapid Massage was made with one main goal in mind. To help the stooped 21st-century worker with pain relief and energization. We wanted to develop and deliver the most time-efficient method to fight those problems successfully. The technique is based on the feedback of dozens of doctors, psychologists, and health care workers. We focus on the key problems of the seated worker and avoid any unnecesery movement to achieve our goals in a rapid manner.

In addition our team consists athletes, trainers, therapists, etc. We can offer a wide range of services to keep you in good shape and problem free, so you are in the best hands. Next to the massage we have other healthcare techniques as well for workplaces.

Anita Bencsics (2011) – ambulance leader – Sziget Festival

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