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Like the others, I also love nature and naturalness. Also, playing sports can be considered the great love of my life. I have been playing some sport since I was 8 years old. My past includes pentathlon, powerlifting, and go-karting. From the latter, I got to a national championship title, just like in bench press. I have tried myself in several martial arts. My current sports are kettlebell, running, strong body and sport shooting. From the latter, I can also have a national championship title.

Perhaps it is also thanks to this past that I am very interested in spirituality and health, and that I am open to other cultures and their cures as well. I am currently studying and practicing Kahi-Healing, which seeks to unite the medical traditions and principles of several different peoples. In addition, we have a family business in which we manufacture and market magnetic naturopathic aids.

I first came into contact with the massage through my friend István Latyák, on his recommendation I completed the Dynamic Rapid Massage basic training. I immediately symphatized with this. I like this system because it works with definite physical influences while also taking into account the energy lines running in the body. In other words, it also seeks to unite Eastern and Western culture and knowledge on a physical plane, which is very sympathetic to me. It also has great sports value as it is truly dynamic, and in addition to massage techniques, places great emphasis on full-bodied ergonomic movement. This strengthens the muscles and spares the joints. Such is a good sport that can be used to help others while cultivating.


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