Increase productivity by creating a healthy and peaceful environment! Demonstrate appreciation & care for your employees!

Dynamic Rapid Massage is the improved version of the Office Massage – or in other words Manager Massage -, although it takes less time and is more efficient than its predecessor. The workplace version is gentler, but at the same time its rhythmic techniques are smooth and it helps concentration. Contrary to other office massages, in this form the masseur revitalizes the arms by stretching the muscles and the joints, which is very important for people who are working behind a desk for most of the day. By stimulating the lower back and the spine, the health functions of the body increase, just as the person’s general mood and work attitude. Besides the workplace massage, you also get a 1-2 minutes long lifestyle counselling and gymnastic suggestions for home.

“It’s very nice, mainly in this job. Before I went inside, I had pain in my neck and shoulder, but now I don’t feel anymore. I totally relaxed. Massage of the neck and the hands was my favorite part. It’s perfect for office jobs, I would use it every week!”

Zsuzsanna Paraszti – office worker

Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid Massage Nagy Sándor SankaRapid Massage Service –Workplace Massage prices – Out of Hungary
2-3 hours: 40 EUR/hour/therapist + travel
4-6 hours: 35 EUR/hour/therapist + travel
7-8 hours: 30 EUR/hour/therapist + travel

For a group:
10 EUR/person (minimum cost 100 EUR) + travel

One massage therapist can massage 4 clients in one hour!
In the case of an exclusive or a long-term cooperation, different fees can be asked!