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In physics, dynamics is a part of mechanics. Mechanics is a science that deals with the motion of bodies, the forces acting on them, and the resulting changes in energy and state of motion. Dynamics deals with the last two, forces and consequences. Its main basic concepts are: motion, force, force effect, force thrust, energy, momentum, impulse, interaction. The word “dynamic” – as an adjective – accordingly means: energetic, vigorous, agile, powerful. True to its name, Dynamic Rapid Massage is an energetic, vigorous massage that is constantly moving and working with constant force, combining the theories and practices of several sciences.

“I’m very, very pleased with the massage, almost flying after the treatment. I got an energy bomb. I’ll suggest this to all my friends. Great thanks and respect. “

Jutka Kissné – office worker (2012)

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Sports massage techniques

Anatomically, sports massage techniques are the most effectives if you want a quick revitalization. In sports massage the masseur lifts the muscles out of place with the kneading, tapping and vibrating techniques, and processes them with such intensity that the blood supply can temporarily increase up to 15-20 times in them. This provides a good foundation for faster metabolism and detoxification. About 70% of Dynamic Rapid Massage uses traditional and self-developed sports massage techniques, and the remaining 30% use oriental-style movements.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good myself. I feel like at least 10 kilograms of weight has been lifted off from my shoulders, back, and lower back. Also my thoughts are clearer now, so working and studying is much easier. Thank you!”

István Kovács – computer scientist, law student (2013)

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Momentum coordination

Perhaps the biggest specialty of Dynamic Rapid Massage is that the masseurs keep the subject’s body and the muscles – which they are currently working – almost constantly in momentum during the treatment. And thanks to this passive momentum, the muscles lose weight for a moment by the gravity and the rebound. In fact, each time they rebound, they go into a state of free fall for a tenth of a second.

The trained therapist always gives the another impulse at this moment, as a result of which the muscles relax much more. If the initial momentum is maintained by the operator, the muscles will relax in a few minutes so that the blood and energy can move in them much more easily, which will permeate the whole body in a short time. This effect is the top secret of the short-term effectiveness of Rapid Massage.

“This kind of massage really revamps and inspires people at every level. I felt completely reborn after the treatment. I recommend it to everyone, not just people who has sitting work!”

Peter Kunkli – manager (2013)

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Energizing joints

It is a well-known phenomenon that the masseur also produces internal energy in his/her actively muscles, which he/she can then transfer with his/her hands in the form of heat. However, through the precise momentum coordination, the subject’s body is able to produce internal energy even during the passive massage. How it happen?

Each muscle usually encompasses one or more joints. When the masseur works at the limit of the flexibility of the muscles – using momentum coordination -, he/she also stretches the encompassed joints. Furthermore, because he/she does the work at a steady rhythm, the tensed joints then begin to pulsation along with the muscles. As a result of the pulsation, an electrical potential difference (voltage) is induced within the joints – in the good charged condition joint fluid – which is stored in form of internal energy.

“I am completely refreshed, I would like to start the day from the beginning. I like the powerful massage and I really liked that my request was met. This type of massage is a great choice for sitting works. Anyway, I hope we’ll meet again!”

Tünde Pongor – office manager (2015, Union Injurance Company)

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Stretching of arms and spine

A Dynamic Rapid Massage session also includes a variety of traditional muscle and joint stretching and spinal moving exercises. These – in addition to treatment – dissolve the remaining physical and energy blocks in the body. Spinal movements has a particularly significant circulatory and immune-boosting effect, so it is very effective in health development. The spine mobilization techniques of Rapid Massage are most similar to the techniques of Yumeiho and Thai massage.

“I’ve never had a massage like this before. In other sitting massages they treated only my back and shoulder. But here they also treated my arms, my hand, my fingers, and they crunched me as well. Very good, I would recommend to my acquaintances!”

 Gyöngyi Kiss – customer service assistant (2015)

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Head massage

Head massage with right technique and right direction is a very special part of a good physio-therapy treatment. In Dynamic Rapid Massage, the energy used is collected during the circular massage of the head, and then the masseur drive this out from the body – at the top of the head. This happens make opportunity for the flow of newly produced, fresh energy in the body. Head massage is the softest, finest, most profound part of a Rapid Massage session.

“This is amazing! I felt myself very well. I had been somewhere else as well, but I was not in such a good, in-depth, moving massage like this! I recommend it to anyone with the exception of babies.”

Mrs. Juhász– office worker (2015, Union Injurance Company)

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It is very important to work with a proper, even rhythm in Rapid Massage. Without this, momentum coordination would not be possible well and efficiently. In addition the steady rhythm – if not too fast – conveys a kind of unity and harmony under the consciousness, which quickly calms the mind and turns off the conscious self. The selected steady rhythm can then be accelerated, slowed down, halved, or doubled, but never interrupted. The steady rhythm and a harmonious rhythm change are also essential for Rapid Massage to be able to stimulate the nervous system, and thus the muscles and mind, in a short time.

“10 cm above the ground, that was the feeling behind me after the massage. This was the perfect derivation of such an intensive exam period. “

Lívia Ónozó – university student, healthcare manager (2011, Sziget Festival)

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In order for a massage to be most effective in the shortest possible time, it is not just necessary to perform the techniques individually with a good rhythm. The rhythm must be maintained even as the techniques change. Keeping the rhythm combines different techniques into one big, round whole. When the masseur works in rhythm, the last movement of a given technique is also the first movement of the next technique. In this case, the rhythm is not interrupted even if it accelerates, slows down, halves, or doubles evenly.

The continuous, even rhythm conveys harmony. If the therapist keeps the rhythm at the techniques change as well, he/she is able to relax the subjects in just a few minutes, so that they often loses their sense of time completely. Thus, in addition to rhythmicity and momentum coordination, adherence to the principle of continuity is also one of the most important elements of the mechanism of Rapid Massage.

” The training was very practice-oriented, so speech was not primarily the case. The technique is very professional and purposeful. It energizes you under 10 minutes, as other massages in 30 or even more minutes.”

Hans Martin Drews – river ship worker, masseur (2016, Everness, DRM basic course)