Nagy Sándor

I am a nature lover and I believe in naturalness in everyday life – sports, nutrition, health. I have been dealing with physio-therapy since 2008, especially massage and movement therapy. My main and favorite specialty is the practical application of breathing and movement ergonomics. I managed to develop this to a fairly high level, so in addition to the technical part; from these I can also provide further training for my masseur colleagues who have back, neck, and waist pains from “a lot of work”; or simply want to improve their knowledge and develop their technique.

I am a medical masseur by basic profession; but since then I have also learned the basics of sports massage and traditional chiropractic. In addition, I have a keen interest in oriental cultures and medicine; so over time I also became familiar with some traditional types of massage and their concepts, such as Thai massage or Yumeiho. In addition, I am a spine trainer, I give various posture and movement improvement gymnastics and trainings; in which I try to give a kind of “active” health developer technique to those who turn to me, in addition to the “passive” massage. In addition to the movement developing, I have also been involved in various breathing development exercises and breathing techniques that support movement for over a decade. In the field of breathing ergonomics, mainly I can teach Qi Gong (chi-kung) to guide those who want to develop themselves.This technique best combines breathing and movement.

I love kids, I love to deal with them, and I also can. My two main hobbies are music and Kung-Fu. I was an active musician between 1998 and 2002, and then during my years at the Teacher Training College – initially as a hobby -; I began to immerse myself in music therapy. I started teaching massages in 2011; and that year I also founded my own school, the Music Therapy Massage School, which operated for 3 years. At that time, I also worked in the medical department of large hungarian summer festivals as head of the physio-therapy department. This is where Dynamic Rapid Massage was born; and seeing its success and effectiveness, using the experience and essence of these 3 years, I founded the Rapid Massage Service in 2015. Since then, this is my main job, where I can teach and develop this technique. Me and my wife Luca run it as a kind of family business.

In 2013, after a few years of irregularity, I also made Kung-Fu (my other main hobby) in my life regular. I have been drawing a lot of inspiration from this, ever since for the development of my movement, breathing and senses; which I also benefit greatly from at work and in teaching.

I believe in the wisdom of nature and the traditions of natural peoples, yet I appreciate the achievements of the modern age and science. Along this idea, I believe in a unified, global knowledge, which can be achieved by examining and experiencing as many different methods and perspectives as possible, from which we then highlight the common denominator and essence – with an open mind and some creativity.


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Location: 9855, Méhecske street, Budaörs, Hungary, 2040

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