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I am a person who loves naturalness and Mother Nature. In addition, i’m an instinctive woman, who also thinks. Animals and plants are important to me, I love to care of them. We also live in our home with many plants and several four-legged friends, who are our family members (dogs, cats), and who we adopted as orphans.

I believe in ancient, traditional techniques and knowledge, the power of herbs and prayer, self-knowledge and lifelong learning, development, and classic male-female roles. Accordingly, I am a full-time home-caregiver and “fireprotector”, but I also take my share of our family business. I also tend to take on occasional jobs in other areas.

I have been practicing massage since 2010, originally I have a qualification as a Swedish masseur. At first, accordingly, I only worked with the specified techniques on massage table. Later I discovered that this could be different to do. It can be personalized to body, soul and spirit. In 2014, I got to know Sanyi and his healing art. I really liked both.

While learning Rapid Massage, this style became very sympathetic to me, especially the way it was done. I have found that when we work on a chair, we can walk around our client much more easily and in many different ways. This means that we can always be in the “middle” so that we can always work symmetrically with an even load. In contrast, in the case of a massage table, often we standing sideways, and we are forced to do our thing with a one-sided load. So I combined the techniques I learned from Sanyi with my insights described above, so that is what I can give you.

We have been doing Rapid Massage Service with Sanyi since 2015 as our small family business. My job is mainly the background work (organizing, invoicing, preparations, material procurement, etc.), but sometimes I also step on the front line as a masseuse. At festivals, on a long working day, I am the masseuse of the masseurs and the coordinator, body and spiritual maintainer,. I also make sure they always have something to eat and drink. I like to think of Rapid Massage Service as our profession and hobby from which we can provide the foundation for the future of our family. We are really lucky to be able to do this together.


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35 EUR (30 perc)



Location: 9855, Méhecske street, Budaörs, Hungary, 2040

Telephone: +36 441 3513


(My english is basic, so rather write me)


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