How To Do A Head Massage Well?

Our head is a particularly sensitive part of our body. It contains our brain, which is our organ responsible for most of our mental functions. The brain also promotes stress and calm in the body. When we talk about stress-relieving massage, we often think of a good head massage, or at least a treatment that includes a head massage. Not in vain, since the primary goal of most head massages is to counteract the excessive state of stress, to help the resting state, to create relaxation…


Do all head massages relax?

Not at all. As the skull – including the temporal area – is one of the most sensitive areas of our body, it also senses the difference between good and bad. Therefore, it really matter how we massage the head. In addition to strength, intensity, rhythm and technical workmanship, the direction of the techniques is especially important at the head. Bad head massage can not only be painful or uncomfortable, but it can also cause dizziness and nausea.

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Okay, but what about a good head massage?

By no means too fast or too strong. The touch of the masseur should be soft but firm. He/she must follow the direction of the meridians running on the head to conduct the stagnant energies – accumulated by stress – through them, thus giving way to targeted relaxation. The therapist need to pay special attention to the temporal area, which is the most sensitive area of your skull. Here is the most important thing the right, precise workmanship.

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Head massage in Dynamic Rapid Massage

Although by its nature we are not talking about a complete, “long” head massage in Dynamic Rapid Massage, but follows a carefully constructed and executed concept to achieve a short but more effective head massage. Thanks to the holistic approach, after when we massaging and relaxing the waist, shoulders and neck, following the rules mentioned above, we take our subjects to a high degree of relaxation during a short but concise head massage, which is usually likened to a meditative experience.

Author: Sándor Nagy

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