General description

What is the Dynamic Rapid Massage?

Dynamic Rapid Massage is an intensive, energetic form of massage, which usually takes place on a specialised massage chair. It combines traditional, modern and self-developed massage techniques. The 8-10 minutes treatment provides more than just relaxation. After the massage, the person’s mental and physical wellbeing improves significantly, therefore it is ideal for prevention, and functions as a sport massage. Accordingly, it is suitable for warming up and regenerating – before or after competitions -, as it is for other events (conferences, corporate events, festivals, etc.). In short, it can enhance the quality of any event. Furthermore, with all the original office massage functions remained, the treatment focuses on the upper body, but it does not neglect the lower body either. Beside the rhythmicity, the Dynamic Rapid Massage has one special characteristic, namely that it uses the passive impulses of the muscles and thanks to these methods, the muscles become relaxed in a very short time.

“It was an unbeatable experience compared to a traditional massage. I’ve tried many different types, but nothing else has turned off my mind, like this. In my job its a real treasure. I recommend to everyone!”

Johanna Hábentius – ambulance woman


Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid Massage Nagy Sándor SankaEffects on subjects

Thanks to the intensive techniques, used to make positive effects along the energy lines, the subject of the Dynamic Rapid Massage will be filled with energy and also going to feel a type of flying sensation in the whole body. During the session it is easy to lose touch with reality, and as an effect of the intensive but pampering proceeding, the client of the massage will experience fully his or her own inner harmony.

“I have never experienced anything like this! It was as if my body was not mine but it was an instrument in the hands of my massage therapist. It was an unbelievable experience.”

Ágnes Váczi-Molnár – office leader, massage therapist


Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid Massage Cosma-Molnár IzabellaEffects on therapists

The Dynamic Rapid Massage technique and its movements are built to move the masseur’s upper and lower body muscles, while distributing the pressure from the joints to the muscles. Furthermore, Chikung – a full-bodied, concentrated movement that is well aligned with proper posture and breathing – keeps your mind and body in shape, strengthens your immune system, heightens your stamina and also improves healthy self-expression and positive thinking. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Dynamic Rapid Massage is a very efficient training plan, which has many positive effects on the masseur.

„It is a sensible idea for such an education by the organizers. We have gained a practical knowledge, that is difficult to obtain elsewhere for many years of training. Here we were able to practice on different people throughout the week, every day. Such knowledge can not be acquired differently. This has to be done, it can not be learned from books.”

István Latyák – wrestler, massage therapist, student (Rapid Massage Service)


Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid Massage Hans Martin DrewsDoes it hurt?

For an outsider, the Dynamic Rapid Massage may seem painful because of the extreme flexing techniques, but these misinterpretations usually change after the observer becomes a receiver of the massage. The Rapid Massage is able to relax you and fill you with energy in ways that cannot be expressed, mainly due to the fact that the procedure is completely painless. It is enough to look at the subjects after one of these séances and their facial expression says it all!

“I’ve never been able to relax under the massages, but now first in my life I managed to succeed. I really liked, that they deal not only with my back, my shoulders, but both of my arms. I was afraid a little bit before the treatment, because some techniques looks like painful from outside view. But it is not true, it is absolutely not painful Very nice!”

Csilla Borbély – office worker


Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid Massage