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In physics, dynamics is the branch of mechanics concerned with the study of forces plus their effect on motion and on the body. Main notions of dynamics are: movement, force, momentum (impulse) and interaction. The word ´dynamic´ as an adjective means: energetic, vigorous, agile and forceful. The Dynamic Rapid Massage – loyal to its name -, is full of energy and momentum. It keeps your muscles and joints in movement and constantly under pressure, which itself proves many scientific theories and practices.

“I’m very, very pleased with the massage, almost flying after the treatment. I got an energy bomb. I’ll suggest this to all my friends. Great thanks and respect. “

Jutka Mrs. Kiss – office worker


Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid Massage Szabi GreenSport Massage techniques

Viewing it anatomically, the methods of Sport Massage therapy are the most efficient, if we want quick results. The methods used in Sport Massage lifts the muscles up from their resting points and works them with such intensity that blood congestion rises to 15-20 times of normal and with that, it creates the correct basis for the speed up of metabolism.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good. I feel like at least 10 kilograms of weight has been lifted off from my shoulders, back, and lower back. Also, my thoughts are clearer now, so working and studying is much easier. Thank you!”

István Kovács – IT specialist, law student


Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid Massage Nagy Sándor SankaMomentum centric techniques

The uniqueness of the Dynamic Rapid Massage is that during the sessions we keep the subject’s body in constant motion. Thanks to this passive momentum, a larger amount of body relaxation can be achieved in the muscles than during a normal massage. If we are able to contain the momentum, the muscles can relax in just a few minutes, and the energy is going to flow freely in the body. This is the biggest secret of the Dynamic Rapid Massage.

“This kind of massage really revamps and inspires people at every level. I felt completely reborn after the treatment. I recommend it to everyone, not just people who has sitting work!”

Péter Kunkli – manager


Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid Massage Szrenkó JuditInternal energy in the joints

It is a generally known phenomenon that while rubbing someone, energy is being produced in the masseur’s muscles, which can be transferred into the subject’s body by the specialist. One of the greatest specialty in the Dynamic Rapid Massage is that despite the fact that the body is passive during the massage, we are able to “convince the body” to create active inner energy. How does it work exactly? Muscles usually have at least one joint connected to them and this is why when we work on the muscles, the joints are also effected by the momentum-based massage. Because of the special rhythm of the massage, the joints begin to throb and as a result of this, electrical potential difference is induced inside them, which is stored as energy.

„I am completely refreshed, I would like to start the day from the beginning. I like the powerful massage and I really liked that my request was met. This type of massage is a great choice for sitting work. Anyway, I hope we’ll meet again!”

Tünde Pongor – office leader


Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid MassageStretching techniques

In Dynamic Rapid Massage beside the techniques listed so far, there are also many traditional muscle and joint stretching exercises which release the body’s other physical and energetical blocks. Spine mobilization has a particularly significant improvement in circulatory and immune system, which is especially effective in maintaining health. Spinal mibilization techniques of Rapid Massage are similar to those of Yumeiho and Thai Massage.

“I’ve never had a massage like this before. In other sitting massages they treated only my back and shoulder. But here they also treated my arms, my hand, my fingers, and they crunched me as well. Very good, I would recommend to my acquaintances!”

Gyöngyi Kiss – office worker


Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid Massage Király Luca masszőrHead massages

Headmassage with proper technique and proper direction can be a very special part of a good physiotherapy treatment. The energy, which is gathered around the temple, the forehead and the occipital bones, can be released as well by the massage, making room for all the newly created energy. Head massage is the lightest, finest and deepest part of the Dynamic Rapid Massage Session.

“This is amazing! I felt myself very well. I had been somewhere else as well, but I was not in such a good, in-depth, moving massage like this! I recommend it to anyone with the exception of babies.”

Mrs. Juhász – office worker


Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid Massage Latyák IstvánRhythm

The right rhythm is needed for the Dynamic Rapid Massage to be effective – mainly because the momentum-based techniques cannot be applied without it and the monotony of the rhythmicity creates unity/harmony, which quickly reassures the mind and disables the conscious self. The chosen rhythm can be speeded up, slowed down, but it cannot be stopped entirely; working in a consistent rhythm and harmony is an indispensable condition for the Dynamic Rapid Massage to properly stimulate the nervous system, muscles and mind.

“10 cm above the ground, that was the feeling behind me after the massage. This was the perfect derivation of such an intensive exam period. “

Lívia Ónozó – medical leader, university student


Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid MassageContinuity

For the efficiency of the massage the masseur has to keep the continuity of the rhythm through the whole session – this method keeps together the different techniques and exercises the whole time. When you work in rhythm, your last move in the final phase of the current technique is also the first one in the next phase. The rhythm should never break during these transitions. The constant or regularly changing rhythm facilitates harmony and can relax the subject so much that the person will be uncertain how much time has passed since the beginning of the massage. As a conclusion, it can be said that continuity itself is also an essential part of the Dynamic Rapid Massage.

“The training was very practice-oriented, so speech was not primarily the case. The technique is very professional and purposeful. It energizes you under 10 minutes, as other massages in 30 or even more minutes.”

Hans Martin Drews – river ship worker, student (Rapid Massage Service)


Dinamikus Rapid Masszázs Dynamic Rapid Massage