Movement and Breathing ergonomics in massages

Have you graduated from a fast-paced massage school and feel like you haven’t received enough practical instruction to start the profession with confidence? Are you dedicated medical and/or sports massage therapist, and you interested in how to do your work with more efficiency? Maybe you’re thinking long-term, and you would like to doing something against the classic masseur ailments (back, shoulder, waist and other joint pains)?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then this option is for you!

Between 2010 and 2013, we worked with a medical team, where our job was to training extremely heavy-duty masseurs to help with the long-term employment of hundreds of medical staff; and even work an outdoor massage stand for festivalers. This task required us to perfect our ergonomics in all areas, including our bodies and techniques as well. The project has been so successful, and then we gave very effective and high quality trainings in these topics for hundreds of masseurs with the Rapid Massage Service.

I have just came home from the Balaton Sound Festival 2012, from a massage training. It is an indescribable experience by words, everyone should try it. The team was very good, and in spite of the bad weather the mood was also very good. I have learned a refreshing massage and movement technique, that I can apply anywhere, anytime, only I need a chair. Thank you for I was here, my blessing is that I have found you.“

Ivan Matis– (2012, Balaton Sound DRM  course) – thai masseur

Továbbképzés masszőröknek

What do you get, when you come to this workshop?

Your senses will be refined, your carrying capacity will increase, and your practical knowledge and interest in the deeper layers of your work and skills will deepen, that you would not thought before you learned these techniques. More great thoughts might follow here now, but rather check out the Rapid Massage Service references. Those speaks for themselves.

What are the specific topics of this workshop?

Main topics of this two days (2×8 hours), intensive, practical workshop (20 % therory, 80 % practice) are these.

First day

Theory and varieties of ergonomics

Relationship of energy and body posture

Theory and practice of loaded movement ergonomics

Simple movement ergonomy practices

Dynamics in massage

Combining medical, sports and swidish massage techniques with movement ergonomics

Theory and varieties of anatomy trains

Treatment along anatomy trains with good movement ergonomics

Second day

Relationship of breathing and massage

Theory of breathing ergonomics

Theory and practice of loaded breathing ergonomics

Simple breathing ergonomics practices

Relationship of breathing, movement and immune system

Concept, application and significance of chi-kung in physiotherapy

Theory of holistic medical, sport and swedish massage

20-30 minutes massages with good movement and breathing ergonomics


Leader of the workshop

Sándor Nagy

Movement and breathing developer, spine trainer, medical and sports massage instructor, leader of Rapid Massage Service

Nagy Sándor

What does this workshop’s cost?

The price of the momentum coordination workshop was also set to be available to any massage therapists, who interested in this special knowledge.

The price of the 2 days 16 hours course

300 EUR

which includes

education, exam, certificate, place, tools (tables, chairs, oils, musics, etc.), tea

Who has acces to this further training?

Only for graduated massage therapists (mainly medical, sports and swedish), who want to deepen their knowledge and improve the quality of their work through a practical further training; and who dont give up in greater mentally and physically challenges.


This certificate is about a continuing education workshop, and does not entitle you to work independently. In this way, this option is really only for graduated masseurs.

Appointments of the next workshop

Regular educations from Dynamic Rapid Massage we organize only in Hungary, but we are happy to go wherever you invite us. In addition to the course fee (300 EUR/person), all we need is travel expenses and accommodation for one or two of us who will lead the course. Feel free to contact us to talk about how can we cooperate to each other!