The Method Of Momentum Coordination

Interested in a technique that allows you to work through your patients ’muscles much more efficiently in the same  amount time? At the state-of-the-art, practical training of Rapid Massage Service, we give you a way to increase your efficiency many times over.

Momentum coordination is a method developed by Hungarians, but it has been an undivided success everywhere in the world.

They are able to not only make massage flow into a beautiful choreography, but with his specialized techniques was able to heal my sore back. I am so impressed by them, that me and my husband would like to come and visit them, and take their course and get to know them better.”

Anne-Marie Ozaki – Houston, USA (corrective exercise specialist, bachelors and Masters degree in massage teaching) – 2019

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Short story of the method

Between 2010 and 2013, Dynamic Rapid Massage was born iat the medical department of the large hungarian summer festivals, experimenting with doctors and psychologists. This treatment was meant to support the medical staff during their long, tiring shifts. The huge success of the project was rooted in the development of momentum coordination. Thanks to this technique, that the masseurs – who learned it – were able to do a refreshing treatment for the workers in less than 10 minutes, and that was not superficial, but even gave an energy bomb to doctors and other subjects that they could be much more effective in their work.

You can learn this method in a special practical workshop at Rapid Massage Service

Check out this short comparative video, then scroll down for details!

Traditional method & Momentum coordination

What does this workshop give you?

You will learn how you can use the momentum of the massage-generated muscles to relax them even more. You will see which are the active and passive phases of your work, and how those affect your joints. You will know what gravity has to do with massage. You will gain practical knowledge of the relationship between rhythm and massage. Last but not least, you will learn a technique to effectively protect the integrity of your muscles and joints while you work.

What are the specific topics of this workshop?

Main topics of this two days (2×8 hours), intensive, practical workshop (20 % therory, 80 % practice) are these.

First day

Theory and origin of momentum coordination

Relationship of gravity, muscles and massage

Relationship of rhythm and massage

Rhythmical practices in massage

Dynamics in massage

Active and passive phases in massage

Practice of momentum coordination (upper body)

Second day

Practice of momentum coordination (lower body)

Realtionship of rhythm and energetical system

Rhythm psychology – How to use rhythm to different people

Theory and varieties of anatomy trains

Practice of momentum coordination along anatomy trains

Spine and joint protector practices

20-30 minutes massages with momentum coordination



The techniques and exercises that can be learned in the course are learned to be performed on massage table and a massage chair as well!

Leader of the workshop

Sándor Nagy

Movement and breathing developer, spine trainer, medical and sports massage instructor, leader of Rapid Massage Service

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What does its cost?

The price of the momentum coordination workshop was also set to be available to any massage therapists, who interested in this special knowledge.

The price of the 2 days 16 hours course

200 EUR

which includes

education, exam, certificate, place, tools (tables, chairs, oils, musics, etc.), tea

Who has acces to this further training?

Only for graduated massage therapists (mainly medical, sports and swedish), who want to deepen their knowledge and improve the quality of their work through a practical further training; and who dont give up in greater mentally and physically challenges.


This certificate is about a continuing education workshop, and does not entitle you to work independently. In this way, this option is really only for graduated masseurs.

Appointments of the next workshop

Regular educations from Momentum Coordination we organize only in Hungary, but we are happy to go wherever you invite us. In addition to the course fee (300 EUR/person), all we need is travel expenses and accommodation for one or two of us who will lead the course. Feel free tocontact us to talk about how can we cooperate to each other!