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Welcome to Rapid Massage Service

Dynamic Rapid Massage is an energetic form of massage. Actually it is an improved, more efficient and a widely applicable version of the traditional Office Massage. Originally, it was developed for the doctors, paramedics and medical staff of the large summer festivals in Hungary, for recreational purposes. The project was extremely popular and successful. Nowadays the versatile technique is available for all events and workplaces thanks to the Rapid Massage Service.

General description

  •   What is Dynamic Rapid Massage?
  •   Effect on subjects
  •   Effect on therapists
  •   Does it hurt?

Specific description

  •   Dynamics, Rhytm, Continuity
  •   Sports Massage techniques
  •   Momentum centric techniques
  •   Internal energy in the joints


MEMOIR: “Dynamic Rapid Massage exists since 2010, or more accurately, the first developments started that year. Back then I worked as a medic at the Helperek Association at large festivals (such as Sziget, Balaton Sound, VOLT, Tokaj Hegyalja). My job was to create a refreshing and effective treatment for the staff of the Medical Center, who worked long shifts. It was clear from the beginning that it is impossible to do traditional massages sterilized and effectively at festivals, when the subject is fully clothed, so by the end of the season we switched to the original Office or Manager Massage. Unfortunately, there were problems with the Office Massage too: it was not effective enough, partly because of the 15-20 minutes working time, and also because its soft and slow techniques just made people relaxed, but did not energize them. After this realization I started to use more intense sport massage techniques – still on a massage chair –, reduced the treatments to 10-12 minutes and I used different Oriental stretching techniques on the joints and muscles. I gave more attention to my ergonomic full body movement and my breathing, this way my touch became more sophisticated. The results were clear: the people got refreshed and energized, their working performance improved and my sessions became famous at the Medical Center. That is when I named it Oriental Styled Manager Massage…

Sándor Nagy